How and Why We Worship

“Every day I will bless you, and praise your name forever and ever.  Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; his greatness is unsearchable.”

Psalm 145:2-3

The Psalmist reflects a natural human impulse when contemplating the One who creates and sustains all things.

We worship for many reasons—to gather with others, to create structure in our week, to help mark days and seasons—but ultimately we worship, because faith in God moves us to respond, individually and corporately, with praise.

That praise isn’t just limited to Sunday morning services, but those services give us a structured way to gather and offer praise together. Even in these services, there is no one way that CBC worships.

We especially enjoy offering an authentically blended worship service.

We pride ourselves, particularly, in having an authentic blended worship service. Almost every Sunday morning features a choir, a praise band, centuries-old hymns, current Christian songs, and preaching that strikes a balance between traditional pulpit delivery and casual conversation. We feature an occasional hand-bell choir, and have a regular sprinkling of liturgical, contemplative, and creative worship elements.