Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School Classes

CBC offers several different adult Sunday School classes, including women-only, men-only, and co-ed classes.  All classes focus on the continued development in the adult’s walk with God, however, each class rotates through various studies or curricula as determined by its leader or members.  

Women I & II

We are a group of women of an open age range, who are also known as the Joy Class. We invite you to join us to experience the joy of studying God’s Word on Sunday mornings. 

Women IV

We study the Bible and use a personal study guide as our format. We encourage and enjoy active discussion and participation in our class. Our members are well versed in the Bible and will teach the class from time to time.  

Men I

Our goal in studying our lessons is: To strengthen our faith and be brought nearer to God through learning more about Him in his Word. Free discussion of different translations and interpretations is encouraged, especially when studying passages that are difficult for us to understand in today’s time. Historical context is emphasized in application. Dependence upon the Holy Spirit for guidance is essential. 

The Conversation

We provide a relaxed, open, discussion-oriented exploration of faith for any and all adults.  We tend to have adults in the range of late twenties to early fifties.

Coed III

We are a diverse group, facilitated by multiple class members encouraging participation by all.  We share, encourage, and support each other’s life experiences.

Coed IV

We are a Co-ed Class with an age range of 55 upward.  (We are NOT a couples class.  We do have married couples who are members, but we are primarily a CO-ED class.)  We use a discussion method as we study the Exploring the Bible Curriculum.  If you are looking for lively diverse Bible discussion, please come visit our fellowship.